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How Big am I now???

March 27, 2012

Zachary did not allow this hat to stay on very long.

ZACHARY IS NOW (at his 9 month appointment):

17 Ibs 10 oz

26.7 inches

The dude has gone from small, helpless infant to now what I deem, a helpless, little person. He is still only in the bottom 10% (or top 90%) for size but he is getting bigger. Our goal is to get him to 21 Ibs by his one year appointment (which would mean tripling his original body weight). Come on Zachary, you can do it!!!

Side note: It is expected that a baby will triple his body weight in his first year and that is considered very healthy. In no other year of your life will tripling your body weight be a good thing. Can you imagine if Zachary did that in his second year and we had a 63 Ib two year old?

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