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How is your Baby’s Development?

March 27, 2012

NURSE: As this is Baby Zachary’s 9 month check-up, I am going to ask you some questions about his development. Can he stand on his own while holding on to something?

US: Please, he has been doing that since the 6 month appointment.

NURSE: Can he pull himself up to the standing position?

US: Actually, how do we stop him from doing this? He even grabs our hair and pulls himself up.

NURSE: Can he feed himself using a spoon or the bottle?

US: Well…um…no.

NURSE: (shaking her head). Can he waive goodbye?

US: No, does that even matter?

NURSE: Well, not all children are developmentally advanced. Can he eat finger foods? What I mean is does he pick up food and put it in his mouth?

US: No.


US: But, he can do so many other cool things. He can crawl like crazy. When can glide while in the standing position. He laughs, he is happy all day long. He even sleeps better…sometimes.

NURSE: Sorry, those are not developmental skills we are looking for right now.

US: But, those are random developmental traits you are asking about. If we knew you were going to ask those questions we would have been practicing those skills.

NURSE: Does he say a syllables or babble?

US: YES!!! (good thing Zachary started doing that in the nick of time for this appointment).

NURSE: Does he knit or crochet?

US: Now you are just messing with us.

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