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Food Textures and Baby Fear Factor

March 29, 2012

Do you remember the game show, “Fear Factor”? It involved contestants testing their wills against scary stunts and eating truly gross things/foods. Contestants would be forced to see if they could stand eating roaches, worms, animal intestine and even grosser food creations. Baby Zachary must feel like he is now a contestant on Fear Factor because we have been testing his will against some new foods lately. Our doctor has said that Zachary is now ready to move beyond baby mush and onto a whole new range of soft foods. We have introduced things like cottage cheese, potato bread, melted cheese, bananas and with each new item Zachary has reacted like we are serving him sheep brain or live grasshopper. He gets this look on his face like we have just forced cow dung into his mouth and then he will try and bear with the food for a little while before spitting it out (or letting the food somehow drool out of his mouth). Babies can have a tough time adapting to new food textures. And, just like the contestants who find the texture of a live cockroach to be gross in their mouth, Zachary finds the texture of cottage cheese to be gross. We have also been trying to teach Zachary to pick up some of the new foods and put these items into his mouth himself. This has resulted in an extremely messy mealtimes in which multiple bibs, Zachary’s face, his hands and his clothes end up covered in new food remnants as he spits out, refuses and plays with half of his meal. This is not going well so far. I think part of the problem is Zachary does not have teeth yet. As I have said to Wifey, I bet if we had to eat all these foods without teeth we would not be happy either. Wifey claims it is important for us to teach him how to eat these different foods while I have countered by saying it is important for me to survive dinner time. Hopefully this starts going better soon but my guess is he will not be a fan of these foods until he has teeth.

Side note: When our pediatrician was suggesting different foods Zachary could try she included fish and said, “If you are making Tilapia, give him some and see if he likes it.” Wifey, if you are making Tilapia, I would like to try it too.

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