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My absolutely, brilliant, stupendous, amazing idea

April 3, 2012

Zachary only looks ready to eat

Shockingly, we did not win the Mega Millions jackpot. Not to worry Wifey, I have a brilliant idea that will make us mega-rich. If you have a baby who is starting to move past the stage of baby mush, you may have noticed that it is not that easy to get your baby to eat real, non-mush food. If you have not had any problems getting your baby to adapt to different food textures…well…then I hate you and hope your baby pees all over you. For those of us with normal, fussy babies who refuse to eat real food, I have the solution. My idea is to make and market food in the shape of toys. Just as vegetarians love to eat veggie burgers, babies will love food-toys. As we have noticed with Zachary, if it is not food, he will gladly put it in his mouth. He will try to eat just about anything except for food. So, I will make toy trucks out of bananas, action figures out of cheese, toy blocks out of cottage cheese, toy balls out of strawberries and TV remotes out of Tilapia. In no time, Zachary and your baby will accidentally put these “toys” into their mouths not realizing they are actually food disguised as toys. And, just maybe, Zachary and your baby will learn to like the texture of real food and stop driving Mommy and Daddy crazy by trying to escape the high chair as we feed them.

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