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Music Class Progress Report

April 6, 2012

WIFEY: (makes a phone call to place where Zachary takes music classes, Moon Soup) Hi, this is Zachary’s Mom. He can’t make it to this Thursday’s class, would it be possible for him to attend class on a different day.

MUSIC CLASS TEACHER: Oh, actually you reached his class teacher. Sure, that would be no problem. Oh, and I just want to let you know that Zachary is doing so well in class.

WIFEY: Uh thanks, good to know.

Zachary is in Advanced Music at Moon Soup which involves music being played and a bunch of fun activities like playing with bubbles, shakers and a parachute. At 9 months old, there is not a whole lot musically Zachary can do. I am not sure what Zachary would have to do in class not to get a good progress report. Does doing well in music class just mean he doesn’t scream or poop on himself during the class?

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