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Explaining Passover to Baby Zachary

April 10, 2012

Zachary chilling with his Maxwell House Haggadah

BABY ZACHARY: Why is this night different than all other nights?

ME: Well on this night we are celebrating Passover. The Jewish people were once slaves in Egypt. When the Jewish people were escaping Egypt they did not have time to fully bake the bread so it did not rise. Every year on Passover, we remember being slaves in Egypt by not eating bread.

BABY ZACHARY: But, I don’t eat bread.

ME: Well for this week, we are not supposed to eat bread.

BABY ZACHARY: I don’t want to eat bread.

ME: But, now you are old enough to eat bread.

BABY ZACHARY: Well, you can just call every day for me Passover because I am never going to eat bread.

ME: Zachary!

BABY ZACHARY: Why were the Jewish people in the middle of baking bread when they escaped Egypt?

ME: I have no idea.

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