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Reverse psychology does not work on babies and other things we learned at the park

April 12, 2012

ME: Hey Baby Zachary, you enjoying Central Park? I bet you like crawling on the grass. You should totally put that grass in your mouth. It is food and it is delicious. Mommy and Daddy would love for you to put that grass in your mouth.

BABY ZACHARY: (Rips grass out of ground and puts it in his mouth)

ME: DAMMIT, GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!! Why do you insist on putting anything that is NOT food in your??? You won’t eat a freakin’ cheerio but grass is tasty?

What else did we learned at the park?

  1. Wifey really doesn’t like how dirty Zachary gets when he crawls around on the grass.
  2. Wifey doesn’t understand why I think it is so funny when Zachary gets all dirty in the grass.
  3. Wifey really doesn’t understand how I could encourage my son play with the dirty sticks he finds on the ground.
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