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Going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you?

April 16, 2012

We took Zachary to the Central Park Zoo on Saturday and his Grandparents and Aunty came along because it was kind of a big deal to take Zachary to the Zoo for the first time. Zachary was so excited that he marked the occasion by wearing his hat (see above) for all of three glorious minutes. The weather turned out to be so perfect for going to the Central Park Zoo that we were joined there by all 1.5 million people who live in Manhattan or at least those that had kids. The Central Park Zoo is not too big and there are not that many animals so the ratio of visitors to animals was realistically at least a thousand people per animal. Zachary still had a fun time at the zoo though I am not quite sure he understands what an animal is just yet. He just enjoyed the nice weather and seeing all the people. Some highlights from our adventure include:

  • “Hey Zachary, check out all the way over there behind those rocks. Do you see that white fur sticking out? Yep that is a polar bear sleeping. Exciting huh?”
  • Zachary loved the ducks. Well, I think he loved the ducks or at least he loved smacking the glass in front of where the ducks where.
  • Zachary managed too pee through his diaper and all over his outfit which meant we had to change him in the middle of the zoo. Zachary, I hope that is the last time you are naked in the middle of a zoo or you will have some explaining to do.
  • I kept singing the “Going to the Zoo” song while we were there and tried to get Wifey to sing along to which she replied, “Do we really have to do this in public?”
  • We saw a large seal leaping out of the water…well I saw it, I believe Zachary missed it because he was trying to eat his Bjorn.
  • We saw penguins and monkeys and more though Zachary seemed most fascinated always by the people standing next to us as opposed to the animals. In a more crowded exhibit, Zachary actually started tapping on the shoulder of the woman in front of me. She turned around with a confused look until she saw Zachary smiling.
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