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Raspberries at Meal Time

April 17, 2012

For those of you that do not have a baby, blowing raspberries is when a baby sticks out his tongue and blows spittle. It is actually a lot cuter than it sounds and Baby Zachary loves to blow raspberries because of the funny sound. Sometimes we will blow raspberries back and forth because Zachary loves it so much and it will make him laugh.

ME: Now Zachary, it is impolite to blow raspberries while eating.

BABY ZACHARY: (a spoon full of food is going into his mouth) PPTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem is that Zachary sometimes becomes obsessed with raspberries at meal time which means food goes in the mouth and comes back out immediately. Seriously, it is as little fun as it sounds to have your baby blow raspberries/spit up all his food especially when he is facing me and spitting bananas and oatmeal all over me. I should put a canvas in front of Zachary at meal time and see if he could become the baby Jackson Pollock. Breakfast this morning was a battle of wills. Could I outlast the raspberries? Would Zachary even remotely understand the tone of my voice as I forcefully told him to stop and just eat? Would Wifey come in and rescue me by just giving Zachary his bottle? The latter scenario is probably what happened.

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