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Are you my Mother?

April 23, 2012

Zachary has a new favorite book. I have no idea how he chooses his favorite books and there is nothing so special about the above book. There is no captivating story or fun rhymes or bright colors. It is the story of a baby bird who can’t find his mother and asks a kitten, dog, hen and cow if they are his mother (I know, I can’t wait until Quentin Tarantino makes this book into a movie). It is hard to explain why but Zachary has fallen in love with this book. Yesterday we found out just how obsessed he was with the book. We were in the living room and he crawled all the way to the other end of the living room and was about to head down the hallway. I called for him repeatedly and he ignored me. Then, I started reading this book and he immediately turned around and crawled back to me. Later, I again tested the power of the book when he crawled out of the living room and into his bedroom. He was completely out of sight which was probably not a good thing. I started reading the book and he scampered back into the room and almost attacked the book he was so interested in hearing it. He gets real close and almost puts his face to the pages when he is really interested. I actually was so excited about the power of this book that I tried it again this morning but this morning he kept crawling down the hallway. He had spotted Wifey in the bedroom and I guess Mommy wins out over P.D. Eastman.

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