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Are we becoming like our parents?

April 25, 2012

I bet your baby can't program the remote control.

I remember coming home from school and my Mom would ask me about my Math test. She cared about how I did but she cared even more about whether I did better than the kid down the block. Whether I did better in school than the kid down the block and my friends was a common concern for my Mom while I was growing up. Are we already becoming way too concerned about the other kids like my Mom was?

ME: I heard you ran into Jane Doe. How is Baby Doe doing?

WIFEY: She said he is good. He apparently is really good at eating solid foods. She said he even eats chicken.

ME: Whatever, I bet Baby Doe can’t pull himself up like Zachary can.

WIFEY: Yeah, probably not.

ME: I bet Zachary can kick Baby’s Doe’s butt.

WIFEY: Totally.

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