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I must be taking Genius Pills

May 2, 2012

We were out with a couple who also has a young son and the wife commented that she thought her son was waking up earlier lately because the sun is rising earlier in the morning. It clicked with me at that moment. She was completely right. Zachary was torturing me by waking up ungodly early lately because his room, even with the shades down, was getting lighter earlier. He was up for the day at 5:45AM the other day which would be great if my day involved milking cows. The solution would be to buy blackout blinds to prevent light from getting in his room in the morning. I picked up a set of blackout blinds the next day from Home Depot on my way home from work. We are now two days into the blackout blind experiment and I feel ALIVE or a better way to put it, not completely like a zombie. Zachary woke up at 6:45AM the other morning and 7:15AM this morning (he may have slept longer if we didn’t accidentally wake him while checking to see if he was okay). Those times may sound early to some but to me they are freakin’ fantastic. Zachary did not wake up once last night and I was in bed until 7AM. It is incredible to actually feel somewhat well rested. I must encourage all those who are reading this that have babies, but do not already use blackout blinds, to stop what they are doing immediately and run to Home Depot. I so hope this experiment continues to be a success because if Zachary is up again tomorrow morning at 5:45AM then I will cry little-girl-just-lost-her-dog tears.

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