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Zachary, why can’t you be more like your cousin???

May 7, 2012

That is me in the reflection. Cousin Maddy on the left and, of course, Zachary. I believe Zachary is trying to use his tongue to break through the glass.

Zachary was on a playdate this weekend with his cousin Maddy (pictured above) who is three weeks older and cousin Lenny, who is two and a half.  We tried to get a picture with the three of them but that was tough especially when Lenny can run.

ME: Zachary, did you know your cousin Maddy can stand on her own?

ZACHARY: Yeah, I think I heard that.

ME: And, she took her first steps already.

ZACHARY: Well, she is three weeks older and all.

ME: I am just saying. She also can eat finger foods.

ZACHARY: I know, I saw.

ME: She actually ate a pancake.

ZACHARY: Come on, really?

ME: Did you notice how well behaved she was at our playdate?

ZACHARY: I am beginning to think that being compared to her is going to be a running theme throughout my life.

ME: No, not at all. Did you know Maddy sleeps twelve straight hours every night and does not wake up until 8:30AM each morning?


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