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Baby Zachary cannot resist the sweet siren song of stacked blocks

May 15, 2012

If you build it – and by it I mean stack blocks – then Baby Zachary will come. Zachary for some reason cannot resist blocks when they are stacked. He will come from the other end of the world – actually the other end of the living room- charging/crawling as fast as possible in an effort to knock over the stacked blocks. You can sometimes get away with stacking just two blocks when Zachary is around but you will never get away with stacking three or more because Zachary is a heat seeking missile when it comes to blocks. I am not sure if it is because he loves knocking them over or if it is because he knows that knocking over blocks is his calling. You will not always see Zachary’s happy smile when knocking over blocks, sometimes you see the look of a baby with a serious, workman like expression. Zachary’s day is not over until all the blocks are knocked over. He will never stack the blocks, he will only knock them down and sometimes, for kicks, he will bang them together. 

When we had a play date last weekend with Zachary’s cousins, he was exposed to his cousin Lenny (2.5 years old) who at one time also made it his life’s mission to knock over stacked blocks. Lenny now stacks the blocks and Zachary knocked them over. Lenny got mad at Zachary and said, “Zachary, why do you keep knocking over the blocks?” in the cutest little voice. I had to explain to Lenny that he, too used to be obsessed with knocking over blocks. I think he understood.

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