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My Daddy’s Birthday is in February so he is an Aquarium

May 30, 2012

Going with the theme of fun activities that did not turn out quite as well as hoped, we took Baby Zachary to the aquarium this past weekend. Zachary really was not as excited by the fish as we had hoped. He did not get a good nap that morning which did not help. Every time he saw an amazing and unusual fish his reaction was “ho hum, I am bored”. A shark swam right up to him and he did not know enough to even be scared. I guess at this point in Zachary’s life everything he sees is so unusual and new to him that he does not find neon colored fish to be anymore unusual or exciting than seeing a Honda Civic. Zachary got the most excited when we looked in a small square of glass where all we could see was his reflection as there was nothing to really see on the other side. Zachary got so into seeing his reflection and banging on the glass that other kids kept bothering us because they wanted to see the “cool thing” that Zachary was looking at and then when they saw we were looking at nothing but his reflection they got all disappointed. Overall, it was an okay experience at the aquarium but my guess is Zachary might enjoy it more a year from now.

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