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Do you know where Pauly D is spinning this weekend?

June 5, 2012

Baby Zachary had a good weekend hangin’ with his cousins at the Jersey Shore. Highlights included fist pumping at Karma, making out with Snookie and hitting the beach. Zachary has had some issues with new experiences lately but much to our delight the beach went well. After he initially did not seem to be having much fun, which may have been due to poor napping that morning, Zachary seemed to actually have a lot of fun during his first beach experience. He was not as into playing with the sand as we expected but he was very much down to play with his his sand toys. He stared intently at his orange shovel for a long while and really liked his little bucket. He also got a real kick out of continually pulling himself up on the beach umbrella and then letting go to practice standing. His day at the beach included going into the ocean and not screaming which sounds like a successful first beach day to me. He even wore his hat after he failed in his struggle to defeat the mighty chin strap.  I think Zachary is going to be a big fan of the beach going forward.

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