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Oops, I accidentally dropped my sippy cup. Would you mind picking that up for me?

June 7, 2012


Don’t give me that cute, innocent face. Don’t try to play that off like it was an accident. Listen Baby Zachary, I know you dropped that sippy cup from your high chair on purpose. Do you know how I know? Well for starters, you started laughing after you dropped your sippy cup. I then handed your sippy cup back to you and you immediately dropped it again and started laughing again. Then, a third time, for some unknown reason  I once again handed you the sippy cup and you dropped it and started laughing. I then took your sippy cup away and you started crying. So, I gave it back to you and the first thing you did was drop it again and laugh. Zachary, I am not going to keep falling for this. Especially, since you did the same routine of dropping your sippy cup and laughing yesterday at dinner. Listen Zachary, Daddy is smarter than you think…though, I am guessing we might have a repeat of the sippy cup performance at dinner tonight…ERGHHH!!!

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