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Why would brushing my teeth be difficult???

June 12, 2012

Now that Baby Zachary has teeth and, to be precise he has two teeth, we have to brush his teeth. Zachary can be a fussy boy so we were not looking forward to how freaked out brushing his teeth would make him. To make things easier we use a baby tooth brush which is basically a finger puppet with a brush on the end. Shockingly, Zachary is actually totally down with having his teeth brushed. He has never objected to it and seems to actually like it. He always opens his mouth wide open and lets me brush his two little teeth. He likes to bite down on the brush and suck off the water from the brush which is really fine by me. I am just amazed at how easy this has been but I am sure it will get harder when he has more teeth and we have to start using a real toothbrush. This may be the first baby thing so far that has actually turned out to be a lot easier than expected.

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