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Life’s Great Mysteries Edition: Wifey’s Alarm Clock

June 13, 2012

Why does Wifey set her alarm clock? Every morning it goes off at 7AM (which is really 6:50AM since she sets it ahead). The thing is that Baby Zachary used to consistently wake up at 6:30AM or earlier. There was never a chance we would ever sleep in long enough to hear the alarm. Now, with the help of blackout shades, Zachary wakes up somewhere between 7-7:30AM. So, we are usually in bed to hear the alarm. Wifey, however, never wakes up with the alarm. She just turns it off and waits for Zachary to wake us. Why Wifey, why do you set your alarm each day? Do you just want to make sure we never feel fully rested? Are you just testing each morning to make sure your alarm still works?

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