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Father’s Day: Reflections on life with Baby Zachary

June 18, 2012

Scenes from an attempt to put sun tan lotion on Zachary’s face.

My first Father’s Day was an extremely happy one. It was a happy one because Wifey let me sleep in. It was a happy one because Wifey made me my favorite breakfast. It was a happy one for many reasons but the most important reason was that I got to spend the day with a very happy Baby Zachary. Zachary had his first real fever a couple of days ago but he was all better by Sunday and had a smile on his face all day as if he knew how special a day it was for me. Thinking about Father’s Day has led me to do a lot of reflecting. I remember when Wifey was first pregnant and, though I was nervous, I kept thinking that every Joe Schmo out there seems to figure out how to raise a kid so why can’t I. I mean the world has something like 7 billion people. The Octomom has like 14 kids, there is some family on TLC that has 19 kids and every yokel on Jerry Springer has a few kids. How hard could raising one possibly be? I now wonder HOW THE HECK does every Joe Schmo raise a kid because it is anything but easy. It is hard work making sure Baby Zachary is doing well but it is also awesome work. I remember when Zachary was first born and every day passed so slowly but now days roll into weeks which roll into months. Everyone says the time goes fast and they are right because it has almost been a full year.  Watching Zachary grow has been to quote EMF, unbelievable. To see his mischievous personality emerge has been incredible. This has been the most amazing and tiring year of my life and I am so looking forward to so many more wonderful father’s days. I love you Baby Zachary and I cannot wait to see the coming summer blockbuster known as Toddler Zachary.

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