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Hey Ladies, check out my ride!

June 19, 2012

Baby Zachary’s birthday is fast approaching and he has already started getting some gifts including the really cool toy truck pictured above.  My activity with Zachary this morning was putting this toy together while continually grabbing the hammer and screw driver away from Zachary as he tried to play with them. I know I have a long future of putting together toys ahead of me but my question is, do the manufacturers purposely make the toys extra complicated and directions extra vague? Are they trying to help me fight off early onset Alzheimer’s? I have put a number of toys and other baby related stuff together over the last year and without fail I feel less and less  intelligent every time as I struggle to decipher the most basic but confusing directions. Every box also seems to include items that could have been easily assembled by the manufacturer while still fitting in the box but are left for me to assemble because I guess the manufacturer thinks I need to prove my worth to Wifey.

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