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And Baby I am amazed by the way you drink from a cup…

June 20, 2012

In case there is any confusion with the scene pictured in the above photo, Baby Zachary is trying to drink from his toy cup and his Aunty is actually trying to get the cup away from his mouth. This is quite an amazing scene to us because only a month or two ago we were fairly positive that Zachary would be drinking strictly from a bottle for the rest of his life. We were struggling to get him to drink from a sippy cup. He eventually ended up adapting to a sippy cup but it was the easiest and most bottle like sippy cup. We worried that we were screwing up as parents because we felt he was falling behind in sippy cup development (I am not joking, this was a serious concern of ours and yes, we know we are crazy). Then, out of nowhere, Zachary started picking up cups or anything that held water and trying to drink from them. There is a cup I use when bathing him that he just picked up and started drinking bath water out of (not a good thing but I was amazed that he could do it). Above, he is drinking water (that can’t be so clean) from his toy water table thing (another really cool early birthday present). I now have bought him the most advanced sippy cup I could find. When I presented the new and super advanced sippy cup filled with milk to Zachary I did not even have to show him how to use it. He just started drinking from it immediately like the sippy cup was his job and he had been doing that job for twenty years. Go Zachary Go!!!! Wifey and I are so impressed.

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