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Really? These are your favorite books? Are you serious?

June 21, 2012

Dear Baby Zachary,

I understand that you can be quite finicky about books. It is great when you are interested in a book and you lean in to show your extreme interest but it can also be frustrating when you crawl off and leave the room when you are not interested like I don’t matter. I do by best to read your favorite books to keep your interest and I do my best to mix up the books to keep it exciting. I feel like I am following the Billboard pop charts sometimes as I see books rise and fall in the Zachary popularity index. The thing is, the most recent books to catch your attention and be at the top of your interest charts are not the most interesting reads for me. The books that seem to do the best job of keeping your attention lately have the titles, “Animals”, “First Words”, and “Colors”. The thing with these books is all they are are picture books. Each page of “Animals” is just a picture of animal like a fox with the word “fox” written below. “First Words” has such exciting pages like “girl”, “boy”, “t-shirt”, “pants”. These books are especially fast reads and I feel like I am doing flash cards with you Zachary as I constantly point to a picture and identify it. Come on Zachary, is this really what you like? It is not that these stories are uninteresting, it is that there are no stories. No freakin stories just singular word with picture followed by singular word with picture. Zachary, do you know how dull it can be to constantly point and identify. I have to give you some credit at least since you don’t enjoy the book called “Trucks”. I mean at least you have some taste and understand that pointing to and identifying trucks is about as dull as it gets. But please, can you start liking some better books just at least from a literary perspective. Maybe give “Green Eggs and Ham” another shot?


The Dude that Reads you Stories

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