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Our own developmental evaluation questions

June 22, 2012

Baby Zachary is almost one year old which means we have another doctor visit coming up which means we will once again be asked questions about his development. While the evaluation usually goes well they always hit us with developmental questions that we are not expecting that make us wonder if our child is developing properly. Anyhow, below is how I hope the evaluation of Zachary goes with our own mix of questions.

NURSE: Zachary is looking quite healthy. So, I just have a few questions. Does he bang blocks together?

US: Oh yeah, he has been doing that for months.

NURSE: Does he purposely throw his bottle on the ground and laugh when you go to pick it up?

US: He has got that one down.

NURSE: Very good. Does he assert his independence by refusing to eat different foods and only doing finger foods when he wants to?

US: That is a positive?

NURSE: Oh yes. Does he have a unique ability to spot cheerios that have fallen on the ground and put them in his mouth?

US: Yeah, he is great at that.

NURSE: Fantastic. Has he shown that he understands the word “no” but can independently decide whether to actually listen to you when you say “no”?

US: Yes, come to think about it he only listens to us when we say “no” about half the time.

NURSE:  Wonderful. Has he mastered pulling hair and grabbing glasses off faces?

US: YES!!!

NURSE: You have one advanced child.

US: We are so happy.

NURSE: Last question, does he ever try to get into the refrigerator when you open it?

US: He is obsessed with getting into the refrigerator. I can’t believe that is even a developmental question.

NURSE: Wow! We usually save that question for the 18 month visit but I figured I would ask anyway.

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