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It’s My Party and I Will Cry If I Want to….

June 25, 2012

“Daddy, I am not going to look cool in the picture if I am wearing a bib”

Over the weekend we celebrated Baby Zachary’s first birthday (his actual birthday is this Thursday, June 28th) with a big bash. You may have already read about Zachary’s birthday party in the paper under the headline, “What PDiddy wishes he was doing this weekend.” Some highlights included:

  • As with any big gathering, Zachary got all freaked out and had some crying fits as he adjusted to all the attention. Is it wrong that we knew he would freak out but we threw the party anyway? Don’t worry, Zachary eventually settled down and had a good time.
  • Wifey’s friend the Amazing Jamie made the coolest Elmo cake ever for Zachary. It tasted real good but Zachary would not know that as he refused to eat the cake. Though I guess we should not be complaining that our kid doesn’t want to eat sweets.
  • The “How old are you now” song did not go on very long.
  • At one point during the party Zachary was standing by himself and I really thought he was going to walk to me. I guess Zachary is not quite the performer just yet and we will have to wait another day for the debut of walking.
  • Zachary got a lot of really cool gifts including the singing Elmo pictured below. The Elmo sings music and Zachary really likes it. Please note, if we all end up murdered tell everyone who will listen that the singing Elmo did it.

I am fairly certain that Elmo is possessed.

UPDATE: just wanted to add this photo:


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