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Baby Ideas that will probably never take off

June 27, 2012

  1. From the makers of Zipcar comes ZipBaby: Babies when you need them.
  2. Baby 5 Hour Energy: Does your baby ever get that 2PM feeling?
  3. Baby Understudies: Having trouble getting your baby to pose for a family photo? Call in a dwarf or midget that strongly resemblance to your baby to stand in for that photo.
  4. Baby P90X: No more baby fat in 90 days, guaranteed.
  5. Baby Bath Salts: Having trouble getting your baby to eat. With Baby Bath salts they will eat just about anything including your face .
  6. Coca Cola Baby Formula: Doesn’t every kid really want Coca Cola flavored formula? That is certainly something Mommy can’t provide.
  7. Baby Ouija Board: Has your baby ever freaked out to such an extreme that you thought he might be possessed? Well now you can find out for sure.
  8. Baby Parachute: Have you ever worried about your baby falling out of the crib or off the changing table? Worry no more because now you will be strapping a parachute to their back to wear at all times.
  9. Bullet Proof Onesie: Because danger happens.
  10. Look Who’s Talking 3:Fifty Shades of Grey with all roles played by babies.
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