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I am one year old today and everyone else is just a baby

June 28, 2012

It is hard work getting this boy to pose for a picture.

Zachary is finally old enough to drink.

Chilling in his favorite room.

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

It has been a full year since time began as we know it and a lot has happened. I think according to the Jewish religion I am now a man or at least a toddler and I wanted to reflect back on why Toddler Zachary is so much cooler than Baby Zachary.

  • Baby Zachary only cried for stupid reasons like he was tired, hungry or needed changing. Toddler Zachary cries for good reasons like he doesn’t want Mommy to put that shirt on over his head.
  • Baby Zachary let his parents feed him and always finished all his food. Toddler Zachary eats what he wants and when he wants and if you got a problem with that get ready for some screaming.
  • Baby Zachary was polite and smiled at all strangers. Toddler Zachary will cry at strangers who give him too much attention so back off.
  • Baby Zachary respected personal boundaries. Toddler Zachary will immediately grab the glasses off your face and will sometimes grab your nose.
  • Baby Zachary sat attentively as his parents read him stories. Toddler Zachary crawls off and leaves the room if the story is not interesting.
  • Baby Zachary loved when his parents held his hands as he attempted to walk. Toddler Zachary is good with crawling so leave him alone with that whole walking thing.
  • Baby Zachary was not so into solids and would never eat a cheerio. Toddler Zachary finds and eats every cheerio that has fallen to the floor like he has cheerio sonar capabilities.
  • Baby Zachary looked fairly clean after each meal as he carefully consumed each bite. Many meals with Toddler Zachary end with him and the area around him resembling a Jackson Pollock painting.
  • Baby Zachary had no teeth and used his tongue to “chew” up food. Toddler Zachary has teeth and still uses his tongue to “chew” up food.
  • Baby Zachary was very careful and rarely got hurt. Toddler Zachary is always moments away from a colossal accident.
  • Baby Zachary loved to play with his colorful toys. Toddler Zachary loves to play with the boxes his colorful toys come in, the remote control, Daddy’s deodorant and really anything that is not a toy.
  • Baby Zachary dropped stuff as he was still mastering the art of holding things. Toddler Zachary drops stuff because it is really funny to watch Daddy pick it up.
  • Baby Zachary laughed when Mommy gives him raspberries. Toddler Zachary laughs when Daddy sneezes (no idea why he finds this hilarious).
  • Baby Zachary never went anywhere exotic. Toddler Zachary takes cool trips every morning to Mommy and Daddy’s room, the kitchen, the bathroom and has even been to the Jersey Shore.
  • Baby Zachary waited patiently on the changing table as his parents got him ready for the day. Toddler Zachary is on a mission to do a nose dive off the changing table.
  • Baby Zachary’s favorite book was “Love to Cuddle”, which had a total of 15 words. Toddler Zachary’s favorite book is a knock-knock joke book “Lettuce In”, which has such great lines like “Cargo Who?…Cargo Vroom Vroom”.

.  .


Zachary “He is such a big boy” Harrison

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  1. June 29, 2012 8:37 am

    Happy birthday Toddler Zachary! Your world will never be the same again. 🙂

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