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An Update about the Craziest Midget I know

November 5, 2012

Zachary is now a little over 16 months and it has been 4 months since I last posted about this crazy boy. He has gone from a crawling baby to a walking boy I call “Miniature Man” (kind of like a superhero who can rescue can goods from low shelves). So much has happened in the last 4 months and I realized the only place I have been keeping track of these monumental events and moments had been on this blog. These are really the best days of my life and I figured why not add some more updates to this bog so we can remember these days. I have to say the second year has been funnier and really just more fun than the first. I get the feeling that things only keep getting better and better until Zachary hits his teenage years and starts wanting nothing to do with us. Here are some updates on what you have missed:

  • I was a bit disappointed that Zachary was not walking on his 1st birthday and started wondering if he would ever walk. He took his first steps on  July 7th, about a week after his birthday. He then basically refused to do much walking for a few weeks – mostly because he is a bit of a scaredy cat – until bravely going back to walking in mid/late July. From there, he was off like a Formula One race car. He now walks everywhere and loves to wander our apartment looking for stuff to break. I have never seen someone get as much joy from walking as this boy does.
  • Speaking of the joy Zachary gets from walking, there is a playground near us that has inclined bridge on the jungle gym. For the longest time Zachary could never walk up it and had to crawl to get over it. A few weeks ago he finally was able to walk up it. This resulted in Zachary walking back and forth across this inclined bridge for maybe 10 minutes straight (10 minutes in lack of attention baby world = 1 hour in adult world). As I said, Zachary just loves walking.
  • It is amazing to see what Zachary gets excited for these days. He loves going down the hall to take out the garbage with me – we live in an apartment and the garbage is at the other end of the floor. I yell out “garbage time” and he runs/walks fast to the door. And, while garbage time is fun, his favorite activity is bath time. When I yell out bath time you better get out of this boy’s way as he cannot get to the bathtub fast enough.
  • As for least favorite activities – hands down bushing teeth is like some demented form of torture we made up according to Zachary.
  • “Can your boy speak?” – No, but he can babble. Zachary doesn’t really say many words these days but he is getting there. He can kind of say “baby” and when he reaches for things he always says “me”. Sometimes when I am reading to him he will repeat a sound like “Neigh- Neigh” for a horse. I will get all excited, “Zachary, what did you just say.” He always reacts by getting all shy and looking down.
  • Funniest moment for me in the last four months: I was sitting with Zachary in his room reading him stories before bedtime. Zachary stood up, walked over to me and stuck his finger in my mouth. I have no idea what goes through this boy’s head.
  • Funniest moment #2: Zachary had walked into the kitchen and I was in the bedroom. I went to the kitchen to find him wandering around with a rubber duck in his mouth.
  • Odd activity Zachary loves: The boy loves to fit himself into small/tight spaces. In our kitchen there is a little room between the radiator and the wall and for some reason he loves to just squish himself in there.
  • Other activity #2: Zachary will walk into his bedroom and shut the door on me. I will then open the door and find him just sitting in his chair with a big smile on his face. Zachary will then get up and close the door again on me. I’ll open the door and again find him sitting in his chair with a big smile on his face. This, of course, keeps repeating itself.
  • More updates to come…
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