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“I am like Arizona, I don’t observe daylight savings so back off or I will check your papers”

November 5, 2012

ME: So you see when you woke up at 6AM it may have felt like 7AM but it was really 6AM.

BABY ZACHARY: Well that is stupid. If it feels like 6AM then it is 6AM.

ME Yes, but we need you to now wake at the new 7AM because we are very tired.

BABY ZACHARY: But I still feel like waking up at the old 7AM.

ME: Well regardless of how you feel you now have to adapt to the time change.


ME: Well because everyone now treats 6AM like it is 7AM until the spring when 7AM becomes 6AM again.

BABY ZACHARY: Who thought of this dumb system?

ME: Someone who hates parents…erghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

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