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Dear Gerber: Please stop sprinkling CRACK on your cheese puffs!!!

November 7, 2012

These are Gerber cheese puffs.

Zachary downing cheese puffs while hangin with his cousin Willy.

This is Zachary going to town on Gerber cheese puffs. Gerber cheese puffs are like regular cheese puffs except they have crack sprinkled on top of them. How do I know they have crack on them? Because Zachary goes absolutely nuts for them – stuffing eight or nine of them at a time in his mouth – and when you try to take them away from him he loses his freakin’ mind. I have never done crack or been around someone who has been doing crack but I imagine it is similar to my boy’s experience with these Gerber cheese puffs. He seems to be in ecstasy when stuffing his mouth full of puffs. Zachary is so addicted to these puffs that simply seeing the container that holds the puffs will make him nuts. We have to hide the container in our apartment for fear that he will accidentally see them and have a meltdown. I do not know what Gerber’s problem is and I understand that they want to make a delicious product but PLEASE STOP SPRINKLING CRACK ON YOUR CHEESE PUFFS!!!.

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