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You can’t fool us with your new hiding spot

November 13, 2012

Zachary hanging by his new favorite hiding spot

On the weekends Wifey and I switch off getting Zachary in the morning so the other can sleep in. One morning a few weekends ago while I was getting an extra bit of shuteye Wifey ran in the room holding Zachary:

WIFEY: Marc get up, Zachary hid his sneakers in the radiator! You have to get them out!

ME: Can’t I get them later? Why did you let him put his sneakers in there?

WIFEY: I didn’t let him. He did it when I wasn’t looking.

ME: How did you even know he put them in there?

WIFEY: I was looking everywhere for his sneakers and then I noticed Zachary hanging by the radiator. I looked inside and there were his sneakers.

Luckily Wifey is a modern day Sherlock Holmes and luckily I was able to rescue Zachary’s sneakers and calculator and toys and everything else that Zachary has been chucking down the radiator. I ended up actually looking for my cell phone for a long while later that day until Wifey said, “hey, I bet your cell phone is in the radiator”. Zachary is driving us a bit nuts with his favorite hiding spot (pictured above). 

Besides hiding items in the radiator, Zachary loves to put his stuffed rabbit down the radiator. Zachary has a number of stuffed animals including a teddy bear, puppy, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, etc. but he loves to stuff only rabbit down the radiator. He is obsessed with stuffing rabbit down there and does it like every morning. I keep asking Zachary, “Why do you hate rabbit???” but his explanation always just involves him giggling.

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