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It was an accident…

November 14, 2012

Zachary trying to look all innocent

ME: OUCH!!! Zachary, why did you just throw a block in my face.

BABY ZACHARY: It was an accident.

ME: What do you mean it was an accident??? You wound up and threw it right at me.

BABY ZACHARY: Yeah, that was an accident.

ME: I don’t think you understand what an accident is. You clearly meant to hit me in the face.

BABY ZACHARY: hehehehehehe…

The problem here is the English language barrier. I understand that Zachary really did not mean to hurt me and that he likes to wind up and just throw stuff which is fine when he is throwing balls or even light plastic blocks. He just can’t wind up and throw things at my face and it is hard to explain this to him and/or discipline him when he doesn’t speak English yet. I could put him in timeout but he would have no comprehension of what that even meant since I can’t explain it to him. My only solution here was to say “No!” sternly and take away his block. Zachary reacted to this by laughing and moving on to a new toy. At least he hasn’t hit me again in the face so maybe he got the message but I doubt it.

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