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Did Baby Zachary really eat chicken??? And, my issue with grapes.

November 15, 2012

All this time I thought Zachary was a vegetarian. He has dabbled in meat from time to time. A strip of chicken here or there. Sometimes having a bit of a fish stick or a piece of a meatball. But, from what I could tell all our fussy Zachary would eat is milk/cheese products and black beans. Give that boy mac & cheese and black beans and watch him go to town. Last night, I figured what the heck, he seems to have a few more teeth these days so I bought a rotisserie chicken and offered a bunch of strips of chicken to Zachary. After initial reluctance, he started devouring the chicken. I kept looking to see if he was spitting it out but the chicken kept going in and not coming back out. If you are not a parent of a picky eater you may not understand but this was a Moses parting the Red Sea type moment for us with Zachary. We so hope his taste for chicken continues because it would make our lives so much easier. ‘

Zachary has also become a really big fan of grapes which is quite annoying. Why quite annoying? I love that he is finally devouring fruit but the problem with grapes is that they are a choking hazard for young kids. It is recommended that you peel the grape skin and break the grape into smaller pieces before serving. Zachary is loving grapes but he chows them down faster than I can peel them. It is really frustrating to peel grapes in the first place and then even worse to do it while you have a crazed baby begging you for that grape. Zachary, why you drive us so crazy???

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