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The Hug Game is the Best Game

November 19, 2012

There are lots of great games you can play with your child but nothing beats the hug game. While I anxiously wait for our first legitimate game of catch, I am not sure that will be as much fun as the first time we played the hug game. At 16 months of age, there is nothing more fun you can do with your kid.

How does the hug game work?

We tell Zachary that Mommy wants a hug and he goes and hugs her. We then say Daddy wants a hug and he comes over and hugs me. Then Mommy again and then Daddy again and we keep repeating until Zachary gets bored and turns his attention elsewhere.

What is the object of this game?

The object is to get Zachary to hug us.

How do you win?

You win every time Zachary hugs you.

How do you lose?

You lose when Zachary does not hug you.

Is the game for all ages?

Best played with children 3 years and younger. It is definitely not recommended for your teenage or adult kids unless it is part of an intervention.

Are there any safety concerns?

Zachary’s balance is still not great so sometimes when he rushes over to hug one of us he falls over. There is also always a chance Zachary will get mischievousness and pull Mommy’s hair.

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