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Is he a baby or is he a toddler???

November 20, 2012

At 16 months of age it is really hard to tell whether Zachary is best classified as a baby or toddler. I thought it would be more obvious but it is not. I had assumed once he could walk I would call him a toddler but I am not so sure anymore since he can’t really speak. Let’s discuss:

Is Zachary a baby?

When I think of a baby I think of 3-12 months. I think of holding and rocking a baby in my arms. Babies just lay there or roll over or crawl but they do not walk. Babies are only somewhat aware of the world around them. Zachary can walk, he is too big to be rocked in my arms and he is super aware of the world around – almost to our detriment.  He can’t be a baby but when older kids see him they always call him a baby and their parents will constantly say “be careful with the baby.”

Is Zachary a toddler?

Can Zachary walk? Yes. Can Zachary talk? Not really. He can say a few words but he mostly communicates through facial expressions, pointing and crying/whining. How does he compare to other toddlers? When I see him with say 2 or 3 year olds there is no comparison. They can clearly do more both physically and verbally. I am not quite sure Zachary qualifies as a toddler.

Well, what is Zachary?

Zachary is really too old to be called a baby but too young to be called a toddler. There really needs to be a common and accepted term for this post-baby, pre-toddler time period. I guess we will just call him a tween or a midget person or meatball as Wifey calls him.

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