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My baby is no longer in the bottom 10%

November 20, 2012

I have gotten so big that I can now dunk.

Every time we took Zachary for a check up the doctor would record his height and weight and tell us that Zachary was in the bottom 10% for both height and weight (or as we liked to say top 90%). At his 15 month check up Zachary weighed 22 Ibs 2oz and was 30.2 inches tall. This pushed him to the bottom 20% for weight and bottom 25% for height. We were truly ecstatic to see how much our boy had advanced on the growth charts. I am pretty sure 90% of this advancement was due to the large quantities of mac & cheese that Zachary inhales on a regular basis. He has actually developed a bit of belly and Wifey likes to say that he is in the top 10% for belly size. It is really cute though because when he walks he kind of walks belly first. Some people stick their chest out but my boy sticks his stomach out. Anyway, Zachary we are super proud of you for moving up the growth charts and hoping that at 18 months you can make it all the way to the bottom 30% for weight and height.

Side note: As you can see in the above picture, our apartment has become Zachary’s basketball court. Zachary will sometimes take the basketball and dunk it. I still can’t get him to shoot but I am working valiantly on it. What Zachary really likes to do though is try to tear down the basketball net which does not make me happy.

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