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The Power of “No”

November 30, 2012

At this point, Baby/Toddler Zachary does not use a lot of words regularly and when he does those words are quite powerful. While we were at my in-laws over the holidays, I was serving Zachary lunch.

ME: Zachary, how about some blueberries? (as I start putting blueberries on his highchair tray)

ZACHARY: NO! (the force of his response causes me and the rest of the room/Zachary’s grandparents to burst out in laughter).

ME: Okay! I will back off with the blueberries.

Zachary has become quite adept at properly using the word “no” and boy does he love to use that word. He is great at telling us what he clearly does not want but still can’t tell us what he actually wants. When he reaches for an item (and he still loves to says “me” when reaching) we will play the process of elimination game and I will keep handing him items until he stops saying “no” and I have handed him the correct item.

Zachary’s two favorite words now are “me” and “no” which is perfect if you live in a world that revolves around you…and, of course, that is the world Zachary lives in at this point.

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