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What will my boy do next?

November 30, 2012

Sometimes when watching Zachary I fall into the trap of just staring and wondering what will he do next. Will he actually flip over that chair? Is he strong enough to flip over that chair? As the picture above shows, yes, Zachary is going to flip over that chair. This is not the best habit as I sometimes get caught staring and watching to see what will happen when Zachary is doing some borderline/not so safe activity. “I wonder if he is going to fall?…Is he really going to eat that?…This is not going to work out well…Maybe someone should step in there and stop him?…Is he really going to light that on fire?…Is he going to follow through on his threat to vote republican?” I have to get better about this and stop letting Zachary flip over chairs and other not so good activities as after all I am his parent – which in itself is a bit scary. I just find it so much fun to observe Zachary in his natural habitat.

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