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My Son Walks Like a Goddamn Drunk

December 5, 2012
zach running in central park

That is Wifey in the background doing her best to hold onto Zachary to prevent him from falling on his face.

There is not much to say about this except that my son’s balance is so so at best at this point. He can walk, he can kind of run but he cannot go in a straight line. This is especially bad when he is running down the hallway as it is less straight line and more a continuous “S” shape. He would not do well on a sobriety test. He recently sneezed and fell over. The boy still needs his training wheels when it comes to walking and running but he is getting better. The good thing is that since he falls an average of thirty times a day he has gotten kind of used to falling and just gets right back up without crying. As Chumbawumba would say, Zach gets knocked down but he gets up again, you’re never gonna keep him down.

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