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Umm, thank you for my shoes…i guess….

December 6, 2012

zach getting wifey's boots

What is Zachary doing in the above picture? Zachary is getting Wifey’s boots so he can hand them to her. It is not that Wifey has asked for her boots and not that she is getting ready to go some place. One of Zachary’s new favorite things it to hand you your shoes or sneakers. He will grab my sneakers and hand them to me with the biggest smile on his face. I am not sure if he is trying to tell me something. I guess he thinks he is being helpful though when I do actually ask him to get my sneakers when I am actually going somewhere he ignores me. The other day he handed me my sneakers and I said thank you and just threw my sneakers back into closet (I guess I could have shown more appreciation). Zachary ran over the closet, grabbed my sneakers and brought them back to me. I again threw them into the closet and we were locked into a short game of fetch. Zachary, why do you want me to have my sneakers so badly?

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