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Wait…What kind of ice cream did you just give him???

December 7, 2012

zach ice cream

When Zachary first turned 1 yr old, one of the many exciting things was that we could now finally give him ice cream. Babies cannot have whole milk until 1 yr of age and so naturally ice cream must wait until  1 yr. We were very excited to give Zachary ice cream. He was always a huge fan of yogurt and we figured ice cream is kind of like yogurt except a hundred times better. We ended up going to an ice cream shop and figured we would start him on vanilla. He did not end up going crazy but since then has become a huge fan of ice cream (and has even really liked Pinkberry). Here is what happened though the first time he tried ice cream:

BABY ZACHARY: (slurping away on my ice cream)

WIFEY: Wait, you are having him try your ice cream? What flavor did you get?

ME: Peanut butter ice cream.

WIFEY: Are you insane???!!!!! He has never tried peanuts! What if he has a reaction, he could be allergic!!!

ME: Ummmm, my bad.

WIFEY: Your bad, holy crap I am going to kill you!!! Great, now we have to stand here and wait to see if Zachary goes into convulsions.

That was definitely not one of the smarter moments of my life but we did find out that Zachary is NOT allergic to peanuts. 

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