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How do I get my son to stop hitting the bottle?

December 12, 2012

zachary with bottle

We are in the process of switching Zachary off of bottles to drinking his milk strictly from a sippy cup. I call it a process because it is not going to well and it looks like it will take a while. I have tried to demonstrate to Zachary that the milk in the sippy cup is the exact same milk he is craving from the bottle. I have tried pouring the bottle into the sippy cup in front of him but it has not worked. I have tried getting him to taste the milk in the sippy cup thinking that would get him to understand.

ME: I do not get what you are missing here. You just saw me pour the milk into the sippy cup.

ZACHARY: No, that is not my milk.

ME: You even just tasted the milk from the sippy cup.

ZACHARY: I just want my milk.

ME: It is right here in the sippy cup. This is the same milk you always crave.

ZACHARY: No it is not, that is crap.

ME: You do love drinking water from a sippy cup?

ZACHARY: Yes, I love my water from a sippy cup. But, that is not water in there.

ME: And you love milk?

ZACHARY: Yes, I love milk more than anything.

ME: So, wouldn’t you prefer to drink your milk instead of water out of the sippy cup?

ZACHARY: I want my bottle. Don’t try to trick me with that crap in that bottle.

ME: Fine, here you are watching me pour the milk back from the sippy cup into the bottle. This “crap” as you call it is now in your bottle.

ZACHARY: OOOH, gimmem, gimme, that looks so good (grabs bottle and goes to town).

ME: Erghhhh!!!!!!!! Don’t you see it is the same stuff?

ZACHARY: I am not really following but boy this milk from the bottle is good.

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