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I really love my gender neutral toy kitchen…

December 13, 2012

zachary with toy kitchen

Yes, Zachary is actually pouring Wifey coffee in the above picture (pretending to pour that is). I am amazed these days at what Zachary understands. I identified the coffee pot to Zachary and told him to pour Mommy coffee and he did it. I then told him that Elmo wanted coffee and he tried to feed coffee to Elmo. Crazy!!!

As far as the toy kitchen, well that is the big toy that Zachary got for Hanukkah. He got some other cool toys but there was no other gift we were as excited to give him as this toy kitchen. We got the idea for the gift because Zachary takes a music class at a place called Moon Soup and they have  a toy kitchen there that he is obsessed with. We set up the toy kitchen after he had gone to bed for the night. That morning I grabbed him from his crib and took him to the real kitchen to get his milk. We passed by the toy kitchen and he definitely noticed it. He looked back from my arms with a look like, “holy crap, how the hell did that get here?!” Right after his milk he ran over to the toy kitchen and has been obsessed with it ever since. People may say that a toy kitchen is not the most masculine gift for a boy and I have a few things to say to those people: 1) many of the world’s top chefs are men; 2) if it makes my boy happy then I don’t give a crap about how masculine it is; and 3) should I have only focused on masculine toys and bought him a toy shot gun and bear trap? That being said, I did try to find the most masculine looking/least girly toy kitchen for Zachary.

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