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“Mr. Innocent” vs. “The Devilish Grin”

December 20, 2012

zachary looking innocent

If you are watching Zachary there are two looks/facial expressions that you have to watch for because they mean that trouble is a comin’. The two looks that he has mastered are the innocent look (pictured above) and the devilish “I am about to cause trouble look” grin which I have yet to capture on camera.

1) The innocent look is the easier one to deal with because clearly Zachary is up to something. He is either planning to grab the plunger or stick his hand in the toilet. He tries to pretend he is not up to something with his “what me, never, I am just hanging out minding my own business” expression. It is pretty clear, however, that he is up to something and it is easy to guess what he might do. He will also move slowly towards the bad activity so there is plenty of time to stop him.

2) Look #2, the devilish grin comes out of nowhere and it is hard to contain. Zachary will be playing normally and all of a sudden his face will light up and he will smile at you but it is a “I am about to break the rules” smile.The devilish grin means trouble will happen in the next five seconds. You never quite know what is coming next and you have a very limited time to react.  I was feeding Zachary mac & cheese the other day and, out of nowhere I saw the grin. I was confused because he was calmly eating and he loves his mac & cheese. Seconds later Zachary was throwing all the mac & cheese on the floor while reveling in the mess he was making.

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