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Hanging at Laguna Grill/Doing anything but coloring with crayons

December 27, 2012

zach sticking crayons in cupzach crying after sticking fingers in cup

Over the weekend while hanging in the suburbs at Zachary’s grandparents we went out to eat at Laguna Grill in Long Island. For those that have not had the opportunity to go to Laguna Grill, it is a Mexican restaurant that is a lot like any suburban Mexican restaurant except it is full of screaming kids. In other words, it is the perfect place to bring Zachary for dinner. I was actually shocked to see some people there without kids because why would you subject yourself to screaming kids if you don’t have one of your own. I kind of think the restaurant should have the same rule that public playgrounds in New York City have which is if you do not have a kid you are not welcome and probably really weird for wanting to hang out there. Anyway, Zachary seems to love Mexican food so he had a great time there. Here are some of the highlights from our meal:

  • The restaurant gave Zachary crayons and Zachary did what he does best with crayons and that was try to eat the crayons while laughing at us while we tried to stop him.
  • Zachary then used the crayons to spear and eat a piece of chicken quesadilla which was actually quite impressive.
  • As pictured above, Zachary also enjoyed sticking the crayons in his water cup.
  • Zachary then became obsessed with sticking his finger through the straw hole in the plastic cup. The problem with those plastic cups is it is easy to stick your finger in but when you try to pull your finger out it gets stabbed by the sharp plastic. This resulted in Zachary smiling when sticking his finger in and screaming – as pictured above – when trying to pull his finger out of the cup. He then kept repeating putting his finger in the straw hole which resulted him me getting rid of the water cup so he would stop screaming which, of course, resulted in him screaming because I took the water cup away.
  • Finally, while Zachary tends to be well behaved at restaurants  – at least for a kid his age – the one issue is that we always feel bad because by the time the meal ends the floor around us could be declared a disaster zone. The nice thing about Laguna Grill was that this was commonplace there with so many kids so I actually did not feel bad  for once though I still left a pretty good tip.
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