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I am 18 months old today and I have a lot of words to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 29, 2012
zach ready for the cold

Full disclosure: this picture was actually taken a couple of days before Zachary’s 18 month birthday…not sure why I felt the need to disclose that…

Happy 18 month birthday Zachary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe he is a year and a half already. It sounds so old to me. So much has happened. The craziest thing of late is that Zachary has started saying words and his vocabulary seems to be expanding by the day. I have been told that it is good to keep a list of all the words Zachary has said so here goes (I suspect that this list will only be interesting to us but I like to share):

  1. Me
  2. No – unfortunately this is his favorite word
  3. More
  4. Mama – not always in reference to the correct individual
  5. Dada – not always in reference to the correct individual
  6. Bye-Bye
  7. Baby
  8. Book
  9. Ice – he is surprisingly a big fan of sucking on ice
  10. Up – Wifey gives him credit for this one when he wants to be picked up, the jury is still out for me on this one.
  11. Ball
  12. Bird – more like “Bir” without the “d” but I am pretty sure this is what he means.
  13. Car – sounds more like “Gar” but I give him credit as he usually says it when I am pointing to an actual car
  14. Elmo – I think it is so cute when he says “Elmo”
  15. Hammer – this is new word he added today. We were a bit shocked when he said it because he rarely interacts with hammers. We were at my sister’s and there was a toy hammer. I handed it to Zachary asking if he wanted to play with the hammer and he repeated hammer. He repeated it a number of times so it was no accident.

I am sure there is some word I am forgetting. Wifey claims Zachary said “cheese” the other day but I have not heard it so I am not adding it to the list just yet. In general, as long as Zachary has said the word a few times we give him credit and we are pretty liberal as far as what constitutes a word as his annunciation is not quite perfect yet.

UPDATE ON 1/3/12: Zachary has now added the following words to his repertoire.

16. Animals

17. Happy – We are constantly having the following exchange: “Are you happy Zachary?” and he responds, “Happy”.

18. Emma – a little girl he has lots of play dates with

Zachary also says the following animal noises which I am not sure count as words: “moo”, “baa”, “maa”, and “neigh”.

UPDATE ON 1/7/12:

19: Owl

20: he kind of says nose and eyes as he points to them


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