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Zachary was not quite as excited for New Years Eve as we had hoped…

January 2, 2013

zach new years
We tried very hard to get a picture of Zachary with a cute New Years hat but alas it was not to be. I think Zachary was not too excited for New Years because he has no concept of what 2013 is and because he heard about the New Years resolution I made for him. I resolved that Zachary will no longer drink from a bottle and will switch to drinking his milk out of a sippy cup. I decided to kick off the New Year by implementing this no bottle resolution first thing yesterday morning. This resulted in Zachary running around the apartment screaming as I simply tried to hand the milk filled sippy cup to him. I then sat down with the sippy cup and Zachary came over and angrily tried to knock the sippy cup out of my hand. After Zachary had freaked out for about fifteen minutes or so I relented and put the milk into a bottle. Zachary immediately grabbed the bottle and went to town. I hope it does not take all of 2013 for this no bottle resolution to be accomplished.

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