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Reading is Fundamental worked for Zachary

January 3, 2013

zachary likes to sit and read

Zachary loves to sit by himself and read, and by read I mean flip through picture books. It is actually amazing because he will sit with his books and flip through the pages for like ten straight minutes (a lifetime for Zachary). He gets particularly obsessed with books that have colorful pictures which is understandable. Here are some notes about Zachary and reading:

  • We always read Zachary fifteen minutes of stories before putting him to sleep as part of his routine. He has lately become a lot more picky about the books we read. He will hand us certain books and insist we read them and if we pick one he does not want to hear he will close the book or hit it out of our hand. He also seems to be only interested in the first half of many of the books as he will close a book halfway through and insist that we start over.
  • AreYouMyMotherZachary came out of his room this morning holding “Are you My Mother?” (pictured on left). He insisted I that I read this book to him like ten straight times this morning after insisting that I repeatedly read it last night. I have now read this book to him at least twenty times in the last twelve hours. It really cannot be this entertaining.
  • Speaking of “Are you My Mother?”, there are certain parts of the book where Zachary starts laughing. The thing is there is no obvious reason for him to laugh when saying lines like, “…and out came the baby bird,” but he cracks up. He does the same thing with other books laughing at the most random parts. It feels like when I watch a comedian and everyone around me gets the joke but I am clueless.
  • One of the books pictured above is “My Little Word Book”. The book has tons of pictures of all different basic words from parts of the body to things around the house to animals. One of the really cool things now is I will ask Zachary where say the baby is and he can point to the baby. He only gets this right for a limited number of words and sometimes will point to the same picture for two different words. For the farm animals, when I say point to the cow he will point and say “moo” which I think is hilarious.
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