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Cold Turkey or Bust…

January 7, 2013

Dear Zachary,

You are eighteen months now and you are much too big to drink out of a bottle. You need to understand that sippy cups are for big boys and bottles are for babies. You are no longer a baby and you need to move on. We appreciate the fact that you love drinking water out of your sippy cups but we do not understand why you will only drink milk out of a bottle. We do not understand why you react with such horror when presented with milk in a sippy cup. We do not understand why even when you taste the milk in the sippy cup confirming that the sippy cup contains your beloved milk you still completely freak out. Zachary, if you love milk so much shouldn’t you love it no matter what container it comes out of?

You may have noticed in the last few days that something has changed in our apartment. The bottles are no longer sitting on the kitchen counter. The bottles have in fact disappeared. You may have also noticed that we are no longer giving in when you demand a bottle and we are insisting that you drink the milk from a sippy cup. That is right, we are making you go cold turkey. You will only get milk for now on if you drink it from the proper container, the sippy cup.

Your doctor was actually the one who suggested going cold turkey. She said after a couple of days you would give in and start drinking the milk from the sippy cup. It has been a couple of days now, why are you not giving in? Why are you so stubborn? Why do you still literally run from the milk filled sippy cup? Why do you scream when you see the milk in the sippy cup and try to knock it out of our hand? Why do I feel like I am in the movie Trainspotting? Please give in soon Zachary.


Your truly frustrated parents

P.S. I know Daddy caved in this morning and gave you a bottle but that is the last one. We are not that good at cold turkey I guess…erghhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

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