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Waking up early for Daddy, Sleeping in for Mommy

January 8, 2013
zachary and mommy

Wifey with a tired little boy

Wifey and I like to swap off on the weekend or over holidays as to who will get Zachary when he wakes up allowing the other one to sleep in. There seems to be a continuing theme as to how these mornings go:

———————————————Saturday at 6:15AM——————————————————————

ZACHARY: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME: Why are you up so early???!!!

ZACHARY: Hey Daddy! I don’t know why I am up but let’s start the day!

———————————————Sunday at 8:45AM———————————————————————

ZACHARY: Oh hey Mommy, did not see you there.

WIFEY: Hey Zachy, you sure slept late.

ZACHARY: Yeah, you know me like to sleep in and all.


Hey Zachary, the above is really how this past weekend went. This seems to be a continuing theme for you. Why you sleep in for Mommy but not for Daddy??? 

UPDATE: I actually wrote this last week and this past weekend Zachary woke up at like 6AM for Wifey on her day. I guess Zachary is now an equal opportunity early waker.

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